honorable mentions
Frank Zappa Jazz From Hell 1986
Could be the greatest electronic music album of all time (yes - better than SOB), but I gave more points to the pioneers (1960s and 70s). This music is entirely digital, having been made on a Synclavier.
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Tarkus 1971
The title track, which takes up half of the album is fantastic; the rest does not feature synthesizers. Besides, I already have an ELP album in my top 10.
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 1975
Anyone interested in electronic music should know the entire Pink Floyd catalog. From this album, listen to ‘Welcome to the Machine’ with your headphones on.
Isao Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing 1974
Here the multi-track treatment is applied to Debussy. It has its moments, but does not sustain my interest. Very popular in its day.
Emerson, Lake, And Palmer Emerson, Lake, and Palmer 1970
Yet another ELP album! Nice music, but not a lot of Moog here. You will recognize ‘Lucky Man’ which made its way to FM radio in 1970. Stunning Moog sound, however brief.
Gershon Kingsley First Moog Quartet 1970
Kingsley was a very early Moog user who staged a live concert of 4 Moogs at Carnegie Hall in 1970. This is not a live recording of that concert.
Hot Butter Popcorn 1972
Of historical interest. Nice cover art. Has a version of ‘Popcorn’ (but not the original, which is on Music To Moog By, 1969). Go to Youtube to see Kingsley play ‘Popcorn’ on piano.
Rick Wakeman The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth 1973
Lots and lots of keyboards, some of which are synthesizers. Wakeman played keyboards on several albums by the progressive rock band ‘Yes’ (listen to ‘Close to the Edge’, 1972).
Michael Hoenig Departure from the Northern Wasteland 1978
Best of the “Berlin School”.  Hoenig was a member of Tangerine Dream  in 1975. It’s not clear who influenced whom. This album would definitely be included in my top ten had it appeared a few years earlier.
Jean Michel Jarre  Equinoxe 1978
Jarre’s follow up to his captivating 1977 album Oxygene (included in my Top 10). This one is equally good and highly recommended.